Programmers can relate to the picture…

I was browsing a friendster profile then this picture caught my attention:

This reminds me of our Thesis time. =)
This reminds me of our Thesis time. =)

I never thought that I will be the programmer in our group I just expected to be the one who will do the documentation and research. When we started Thesis 1, I was the one who developed the system with the help of some friends like Philip, Chua, Byron, Paul and Winston. I never get tired of making kulit to them asking how to program this and that and then I applied what they taught me. Distrust, the number one in the picture, yeah I asked myself before, “Can I do it?”. I was so afraid that time and pressured. After that distrust, I felt excited because the system was doing ok… For astonishment, I conducted interviews to gather info and I just did some trial and error ways and just browsed the Help Menu in the Web Developer. I got so much enthusiasm because I had my goals and that was to graduate with flying colors (gladly I did it!). Everytime that the module is running with correct output I feel so happy, and it made me say “Yun!” (hehe). When the codes were not functioning properly I won’t stop until I am very tired.

I had fright before because few days to go is the defense I was thinking if the logic will work for the Penalty module, but even though there were lots of hard times I didn’t say bad words while programming instead I’m saying “Lord help me please.”. There were frustrations too because of so much stress I got sick but still  I keep on going no matter what. The defense came, wow that was the most intense feeling I ever had I felf so nervous and after having the verdict of “Minor Revision” wow! What a very great and overwhelming feeling.

That’s about it hope you’ll read more until next time. Take care. =)


The compliments

I feel so touch with the comments here in my blog, it is really overwhelming for me. I never thought they would appreciate my work that much. I am very thankful also for those people who keep on viewing this blog. Thank you for the time you may also share to me more of your thoughts and not just some comments. I don’t have topics related to my work yet maybe after my demo this Saturday. My topic for our next knowledge sharing is video editing although I only know the basics. Editing videos became my hobby, it just started when we edited our EL FILI presentation then I was inspired to do more videos and mostly of those videos are my bonding moments  with my beloved classmates.

I have nothing more to say, bye for now… again thank you.

I heard a story…

There was a girl, she is not that friendly but she has plenty of friends. Sometimes she is just quiet because she is more used to listen than to talk. She is learning through the different insights from her friends. There were times that she was weak emotionally but despite the adversity that she has, she can still smile and laugh even just for awhile. She is not really intelligent she was just blessed to achieve what she got. She has no special someone thus she just give that love to her family and friends. Being in a relationship is not her priority right now. What matters most to her is to be able to help her family.

She is afraid of expectations because she feels that all her life many people are really expecting from her. As much as possible she wants to avoid failures but she believes that those failures can improve more her self.

She has simple ways of getting happy, that is by spending time and having good conversations with her friends and family.

Do you know where did I hear this story? I just heard this story from my heart.

i heard a story

i heard a story

When something seems to be wrong, appreciate what you have for you to stay strong.

In life we have so many predicaments that sometimes we don’t even know how to handle them anymore. I do believe that everything happens for a reason. I would like to begin this blog with an article which is dedicated to the people who are part of me and who let me have realizations in life.

First of all, I am very fortunate to have my family who gives me support to the highest level (todo na to hehe). They are always there through my ups and downs. They are the one who open up my mind to see and appreciate the things around me. The greatest lesson they have thought me is that with God nothing is impossible, and I have proven that for so many times.

Next is the company named Q-tech, who accepted me to work for them. I am thankful for them for being so nice and for letting me learn many things in the field of IT. I know I will gain more knowledge because in Q-tech, we keep on growing.(naks!)

I also appreciate a lot of my friends specially my best friend Aizzel (your the best!), my close friends namely GI and Sarah (sweet,funny), my kalog na classmates – Jim, Daelo, Reah; and to all of my other classmates – Kelvin(silent but good-looking), Jay (sweet lover ng gf niya), Ronette (ma-effort lalo na sa IT stuffs), Roan (loving Mom), Ian (very friendly), Aiza (creative, likes to edit herself sa PS), Andrew (an ideal man for my Bes), Eddie (diligent man), Michelle (strong na fun to be with pa), Mika(soft-spoken but attractive), Mark (approachable), Lods (has the potentials and kalog) and Roy(who is preparing for their future =) ). I do miss hanging out with them.