Programmers can relate to the picture…

I was browsing a friendster profile then this picture caught my attention:

This reminds me of our Thesis time. =)
This reminds me of our Thesis time. =)

I never thought that I will be the programmer in our group I just expected to be the one who will do the documentation and research. When we started Thesis 1, I was the one who developed the system with the help of some friends like Philip, Chua, Byron, Paul and Winston. I never get tired of making kulit to them asking how to program this and that and then I applied what they taught me. Distrust, the number one in the picture, yeah I asked myself before, “Can I do it?”. I was so afraid that time and pressured. After that distrust, I felt excited because the system was doing ok… For astonishment, I conducted interviews to gather info and I just did some trial and error ways and just browsed the Help Menu in the Web Developer. I got so much enthusiasm because I had my goals and that was to graduate with flying colors (gladly I did it!). Everytime that the module is running with correct output I feel so happy, and it made me say “Yun!” (hehe). When the codes were not functioning properly I won’t stop until I am very tired.

I had fright before because few days to go is the defense I was thinking if the logic will work for the Penalty module, but even though there were lots of hard times I didn’t say bad words while programming instead I’m saying “Lord help me please.”. There were frustrations too because of so much stress I got sick but still  I keep on going no matter what. The defense came, wow that was the most intense feeling I ever had I felf so nervous and after having the verdict of “Minor Revision” wow! What a very great and overwhelming feeling.

That’s about it hope you’ll read more until next time. Take care. =)


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  1. chua said,

    September 5, 2008 at 6:11 am

    Haha.. when i saw this blog, i was quite amused… saying, “What’s this??” ..Then I carefully look at it.. It makes me laugh.. “Totoo ata to..” Anyway, keep on blogging.. It’s fun!!! weh… 😉


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